Why is Personal Brand Important?

I was AMAZED at a recent networking event that when I was exchanging Instagram details in how little or non-existent people’s presence was on their feed! I’m not talking posts – I’m talking pictures of YOU – you know, the person you’d like your clients to hire! I guess as a branding photographer it seems obvious to me – but maybe not so much to others, so I’m here to tell you just why Personal Brand is so important.

If a potential client doesn’t know who you are then WHY would they choose you? If they can’t see your face and hear about you on social media, or on your website (no – hidden away as a tiny picture on the ‘Contact Me’ page doesn’t count) then they are much more likely to move on to the next company/person they have googled.

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You need to step out of the mindset that’s afraid of having your picture taken and into the mindset that if you show a little more of yourself that this authenticity will reflect well in your business.

Eddie Judd

Time to show up

‘Putting ourselves out there’ has become a trendy phrase thanks to social media, but this is not a trend, it’s a necessity of business. This doesn’t mean jumping around in Reels, this means, showing your clients who YOU are so they get that first great impressions and come knocking on your door to ask you more. I like to know a face when I’m hiring someone – don’t you?

Think about the brands you choose – don’t you prefer to buy from a small business or a business that speaks to your heart? Also in todays world with access to so many choices – making sure you are viewed as the expert is imperative! So seeing who is behind that brand or knowing their story is probably the reason you’ve invested in them. So HOW can you expect your clients to be any different?

Your Brand Story

Although I can’t tell your story for you entirely, having a personal branding photography shoot with me leaves you with engaging images that are a vital tool to begin this narrative. I will want to know who you are and who your ideal client is before I start photographing you. This then leaves you with powerful assets to go out and tell your brand story. Whether this is on your website or on social media – you can use your images to tell your clients what you are passionate about, what you support, be empathetic to your audience, engage and connect. Show why your service is perfect for your customer, and why they should trust you to deliver what they need.

This ‘showing up’ is how to get your audience to Know, Like & Trust you. Then they are more likely to invest in YOU. You have also begun to build a valuable network of advocates for years to come.


So although sometimes taking that extra step can mean being brave, you will be – I PROMISE – astounded at how much ‘showing up’ elevates your business. You need to step out of the mindset that’s afraid of having your picture taken and into the mindset that if you show a little more of yourself that this authenticity will reflect well in your business.

Urgh – I can hear you – you’ve rolled your eyes and said to yourself that you hate having your photo taken so that one goes to the bottom of the list AGAIN! Guess what – about 1 in 50 of my clients actually enjoys having their picture taken – it’s totally normal. I mean – I hate it too!! But that’s why it’s MY job to make you feel comfortable, to have fun, to BE YOURSELF. That way your pictures reflect who you really are.

You are here to serve your clients in one way or another but how can you do that if they don’t trust you. This is why perosnla brand is so important. SHOW them who you are and I can absolutely promise you there is never any judgment from the images my clients have been using. And if people are judging, they are not your people anyway…. thank you, next!

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Eddie Judd is one of the UK’s leading and well respected family and personal branding photographers. She photographs families & small creative business owners in the Weybridge, Esher and Cobham area of Surrey. She also holds headshot photography sessions in Surrey.

She also has a Lightroom education store for professional photographers.

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