Be outstanding

No small business or entrepreneur can afford to be boring; you want to knock-their-socks-off, right?

One of the easiest ways to show your customers or clients what makes you fabulous is through great looking professional personal brand photography.

It shows you have vision, creativity, energy and that special je ne sais quoi that they are looking for. It also helps them to click with you personally, and as we all know, people buy people.

The truth is, it’s practically impossible to get your website or social media posts noticed without distinctive and interesting photography. My job as your professional Personal Branding photographer is to elevate your work above the crowd and let it shine.

Invest in photography with me and you’ll get a set of images that are packed with personality and bring your brand to life.

You’ll be thrilled with the results, I promise.

Your professional photos have elevated everything! The amount of comments I have received proves they are getting me noticed. A million thanks.

Emma Shoe

Stylist, Styling You Well

Brand Photography that works hard for you

If your current images feel like a single scoop of vanilla ice-cream, a personal branding photo shoot from a professional photographer is the full knickerbocker glory.

I’ll take a good look at your brand from all sides to get an understanding of the pictures you need. I’ll work out how we can grab attention for your brand story with images that are full of the stuff that is uniquely you.

You’ll get vibrant and flattering headshots that are full of character, show your passion for your brand, and most importantly, that you’ll be proud to share – what a great feeling! You can also choose to have brand content photos that show your workspace, products, customers or environment to tell the full story of your brand.

Your brand photos will work tirelessly for you, attracting your kind of clients and customers over and over again.

Have a look at my Personal Branding Photography packages below to find the best option for you.

You need to step OUT OF the mindset that’s afraid of having their picture taken and INTO the mindset that if you show a little more of yourself that this authenticity will reflect well in your business.

Often people will say ‘why do I need to hire a professional personal branding photographer, surely I can do that myself?’ The reason it looks so simple is because she put in the hours and has the experience to make it look easy.


Career change coach, Careers Beyond Motherhood

Your brand story can be told through great brand photography.

‘About Me’ – or is it?

If your ideal client can head over to your ‘About Me’ page and it shows an engaging image along with the story of why you are passionate about what you do, AND, your social media always has a post on your grid showing your face which accompanies a funny story or advice, then they are MUCH more likely to choose YOU and YOUR service.

Just check out my About Me page – I like to think I’m hilarious (ok slightly funny) so I kept it light-hearted and it reflects me and who I am. I want people to Know, Like & Trust me as their Personal Branding Photographer – to have that initial impression on the people that find me on google is imperative.


Your business photography will be


Following on from here is my brand photo shoot pricing model – a comprehensive guide to what each of my branding photos packages include for small business owners to a larger office based team. As your Personal Branding photographer it is important to me to create the perfect package of branding images that work for you. I want you to get your dream clients and these results come from us working together on your branding session. Via a personalised Pinterest board, discussion on styling, location and recommendations of hair and make up artist we will work together on your personal branding to create YOUR brand story.

If you have any questions at all or would like a more bespoke branding photography session then please contact me or send me your email address via social platforms.




THE PERFECT OPTION For businesses of more than two people


WORKPLACE exterior and interior

brand content images

brand flat-lay pack


personalised pinterest board

what to wear advice with recommendations for hair, makeup, and stylists.

PDF social-media usage guide.


from £875

ultimate personal

personal branding and headshot corporate and business photography in surrey, guildford, kingston and esher

Incorporate more of you AND your business.

 GREAT to refresh your websitE and CREATE marketing & PR content.

brand content images


personalised pinterest board

Full digital package.

what to wear advice with recommendations for hair, makeup, and stylists.

PDF social-media usage guide.


from £675


WHEN YOU NEED A VARIETY OF HEADSHOTS to talk about your work

45 minute shoot – weekday morning IN THE SUNROOM AT MY HOME

Includes 10 ‘beauty retouched’ portraits


what to wear advice with recommendations for hair, makeup, and stylists.

PDF social media usage guide.



mini personal branding session

personal branding and headshot corporate and business photography in surrey, guildford, kingston and esher

When you want a headshot you can feel proud of sharing.

    Includes 3 invaluable portraits of your choice.


    Includes What to Wear advice



    Eddie has taken some fabulous shots for both my website and new book launch that literally make me feel she has snapped the essence of me! 

    Her photographic talent and gorgeous personality bring out the best of you, make you feel relaxed, allowing you to express yourself naturally and confidentially. 

    When you are having pictures taken that project your own brand, these are qualities you want to see shining through the lens, and Eddie has definitely captured this for me (and my supermodel dog)



    Has Eddie ever taken a bad photo?! I doubt it. She has a remarkable way of making her subjects look radiant – as if they are lit from within by their own creativity.


    Brand writer, Opal & Co





    FREE stock imagery for Creative Businesses

    Juddstock is my library of flat-lays and lifestyle images ready for you to use today. As a personal branding photographer and a creative business owner myself I know a thing or two about what looks good on a social-media feed, and these images fit the bill for busy creatives who want engaging brand images that their audience can relate to.

    Images are now available for anyone to purchase, but my brand photography clients can access this valuable library TOTALLY COMPLIMENTARY! (Just the newest images will have a small charge.)

    Let's talk!

    6 + 10 =


    What is personal branding photography?

    A brand photography session focuses on YOU and your business. It is my job as a personal branding photographer to create a set of images that give a strong visual representation of the business that you are so passionate about. Your branding is your personality, the core and ethos about your business. Thinking about style, location and posing we create cohesive brand images that you can use across all marketing needs.

    What should I wear to a branding session?

    The most important thing is that you are comfortable and that you feel totally yourself – you are conveying your personality through these images to your clients. You may be trying to convey a smart image to your clients but this doesn’t necessarily mean a blazer or suit jacket. I provide a personalised mood board and we chat on a call about your brand colours so I can advise you what to wear. Depending on the type of session you chose there may be time for changes to reflect different parts of your business and to show more personality.

    Why are Authenciticy and Brand Alignment are so important in business?

    Although sometimes taking that extra step can mean being brave, you will be – I PROMISE – astounded at how much ‘showing up’ elevates your business. You need to step out of the mindset that’s afraid of having their picture taken and into the mindset that if you show and tell a little more of yourself that this authenticity will reflect well in your business.

    Urgh – I can hear you – you’ve rolled your eyes and said to yourself that you hate having your photo taken so that one goes to the bottom of the list AGAIN! Guess what – about 1 in 50 of my clients actually enjoys having their picture taken – it’s totally normal. I mean – I hate it too!! But that’s why it’s MY job to make you feel comfortable, to have fun, to BE YOURSELF. That way your pictures reflect who you really are.

    How should I plan my personal brand shoot? 

    Things I need to know as your personal branding photographer are:

    – As all good business coaches would say – ‘what are your goals?’ I need to know where  the images will be used – eg: website/social channels/PR materials

    – Do you need more than just portraits? Would you like to show aspects of your business, whether this is via you ‘in-action’, lifestyle product shots or flat-lays.

    – Gather props that mean something to you or your business. Particularly in your brand colours (or that compliment this)

    – Plan your outfits, book a hair and make-up appointment if necessary. I have a little black book of a plethora of talented stylists, MUA’s and hair stylists.

    personal branding and headshot corporate and business photography in surrey, guildford, kingston and esher
    personal branding and headshot corporate and business photography in surrey, guildford, kingston and esher

    Eddie was amazing and totally got what I was trying to achieve with my Personal Branding shoot. I adore the images and it was great fun too. Eddie makes you feel instantly relaxed and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

    Becks Doyle

    The House Build

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    Eddie Judd is one of the UK’s leading and well respected personal branding & family photographers. She photographs small creative business owners, forward thinking businesses and families in the Weybridge, Esher and Cobham area of Surrey. She photographs corporate brand portraits in Surrey & London. She also holds headshot photography sessions in Surrey.

    She also has a Lightroom education store for professional photographers.

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