The real beauty of a photograph is how it takes a single, precious moment and then breathes life into it for a lifetime. I’ve been a passionate photographer since my own childhood, so it feels natural to capture my own two girls as they grow. They change so quickly, day today, and I want to keep hold of those moments. Innocent smiles, games full of laughter – all those special experiences that come with raising a young family. My memories might fade, but the photographs stay bright and vibrant. That’s the gift I love to give with my portrait photography – preserving your memories so that you can relive the experience, just the way you remember them.

For me, photography is all about the good times in our lives. Whether I’m your wedding or family photographer, I’m always looking for the happiness in every moment. There’s an elusive heart to each and every experience you live. Capture it and it’s the difference between a simple snapshot and something with greater significance. 

So don’t let those precious moments fade. Together we can create a collection of beautiful images that will always stay vibrant, fun and full of personality.

I believe photography should be about



Eddie Judd is one of the UK’s leading and well respected family and personal branding photographers. She photographs families & small creative business owners in the Weybridge, Esher and Cobham area of Surrey. She also holds headshot photography sessions in Surrey

She also has a Lightroom presets store for professional photographers which can be found here.

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