How to Prepare for a Personal Branding Photoshoot

Personal Branding Photography has become more than ever a vital part of the business. We need great imagery to show everyone who you are and why you are so passionate about your business. In today’s online world you need to make sure your business is the one that stands out and has maximum visibility. It’s still true that first impressions count. First impressions are now online, e.g. on your website, on your LinkedIn page and all your social media streams. This means that more now than ever, a professional photograph showing you and your personality off to its full potential is vital.

Want to know more – just read on for more details on this blog post, and if you are wanting to book just head over to my Personal Branding page and email me your name, email and number and I can book you in for a Clarity Call.

So you’ve taken your time to find a photographer, you’ve booked your personal brand shoot – how exciting – what’s next? When I book a client in, I initially like to chat on the phone. Once I’ve heard all about you and your business, the next thing we discuss is where we will photograph.


The location of your personal brand photoshoot doesn’t have to be your home or office. It’s a good idea to think about what you’d like to portray as your ‘business personality’.

Are you marketing yourself to working mothers, the banking sector, hobbyists…..? the list goes on. The background and location selected for your photoshoot is imperative in invoking the right brand feel for your ideal client.

If you are marketing to the corporate world then bright coloured walls are probably not the right feel. We will find locations with desks that suit your brand image. If you are marketing to creative entrepreneurs then vibrant and interesting backgrounds and places you meet clients like coffee shops are going to go a long way to creating that perfect first impression. I like to discuss some different options with clients and guide them into finding the right location. I love to share location ideas from my experience of working at many locations in Surrey.

What to Wear

Your choice of clothing should fit the image you’d like to create for your brand. Much like with location – this should connect with your ideal client. This is usually a combination of colours that match or compliment your branding colours (from your website) and type of business.

Don’t wear something you wouldn’t normally wear – your favourite going out outfits are a great choice. We will have time on a personal brand photoshoot for outfit changes so you may want to bring a mixture of smart and casual. You want to feel comfortable and like yourself. Tight clothing doesn’t always work great when sitting down so wear something flattering but make sure it is something you LOVE. High heel shoes look great if you have them! We have time on a personal brand photo shoot for changes of outfit so bring along a few options, I can guide you on the day but if you feel like you would like more help I have an amazing personal stylist that can help – just ask for details.

I always like to push both men and women away from being too ‘corporate’ looking. You need to feel approachable and I don’t think a blazer and tie gives that impression. You can look professional without the suit! I usually suggest nothing too patterned and a blouse and trousers works well for women, and again – think about your brand colours. Complimentary colours to your branding colours can also work, although I usually suggest sticking to a tonal range in these main colours.

Most importantly, we don’t want anything that detracts from the design that has been meticulously put together by your web designer. I have a great Inspiration mood board I send out before our personal brand photoshoot. It helps you to prepare so we can ensure the look and feel of your images fits perfectly with your personal brand.

Hair and Make-up

Once we have discussed what you are going to wear, then I always suggest having your hair done before. It is always worth making a little extra effort for your professional photographs. A little more makeup than usual really helps with photographs, I also suggest having your nails and eyebrows professionally done too. I have a long list of recommendations of very talented make up artists and hairstylists that I have worked with over the years. A bonus from being in the wedding industry for so long! They can come to you on the morning of our shoot to help you feel confident and ready to show off your business to the world!

Make sure you have good self-care in the week before your shoot, drink plenty of water and ease up on the alcohol! Get lots of sleep – we want that best version of you!

Yes – and that means the men too – you may need a trim! Although you can probably miss the gel manicure out 😉


Props on a shoot are the perfect way to illustrate what you do and what you love! Laptops, books, headphones, smoothies, yoga mats – what would you have that illustrates your business AND your business ethos? We’ll photograph you with those.

We want to create a personal(ity) brand – showing the things you love to do makes you personable and more approachable to clients. People want to know the real you, if you can identify with people through your personal brand you will be on your way to booking your ideal clients.

Sometimes props are people! Are you a coach or someone that is often in meetings with others and you would like to illustrate this in your branding photography – bring along a friend to act as ‘the client’.

Shot List

Yes, yes – I know what I’m doing but it is super helpful to me to know what you have in mind, we share a secret Pinterest board prior to the shoot so I can see your vision. You can also put together a short list of the photos you need. This will enable us to get all the pictures you need going forward.

I need to know if these are going full width on your website such as a banner image or if these will be for your social media feed, such as Instagram and LinkedIn, or a mixture of both, As well as head shots, and branding images, we can also plan some incidental prop shots so you can talk about the things you love about your business and the hobbies you do.

Chat to your web designer and feed back to me the shape of images that are needed for your website. My job is to provide you with images that are going to be implementable so this is very important.


Leave yourself time – don’t prepare last minute the evening before, you’ve spent money and time investing in this shoot – you don’t want to walk away with what if’s!

Post shoot

Often after your brand photoshoot you are looking for an image to illustrate something in a newsletter or social media post. The added bonus of when you book with me – is having 50% off individual or a subscription basis of my photo stock library. ‘JuddStock‘. It is full of generic stock images taken by me that you can use for your social streams or to elevate a newsletter or your website. Just pay for an image to really bring your posts and announcements to life – get noticed on your social media stream, add a professional feel and make your brand stand out! I have made sure I have plenty of colour options that will match in with your brand photos – and there are seasonal pictures so when you have something to chat about – just head over to the stock photos gallery and you will have access at any time. Clients just need to acquire a code from me to benefit from the 50% off.

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