A few months ago I received an email from Father Fehling asking if I would travel into London to get some family portraits with an Olympic theme – well this all sounded very interesting! It turned out the family were over from the US for the Olympics where they had tickets for a few events to cheer on the US athletes! They had all sorts of fun outfits lined up for the cause too! This wasn’t the first family Fehling trip to the Olympics – it started with the Atlanta Olympics when their girls were small and since they had been to every one – they had some great stories from all the places they had travelled to to support their home team, however I’m hoping that their trip to London has been their favourite! They had a jam packed schedule including tours and visiting the famous landmarks (as well as their Olympic events) – infact, to my shame, they already knew more about London’s history than me!

Here a a few of my favourite pictures from their session. They bought one of my digital packages and I have advised them on how to get the best out of printing up their images to display at home. I hope they look at them and remember how much fun we had! Mother Fehling emailed me this shortly after they arrived home: “You really made the trip even more enjoyable!” These kind of comments mean the world to me!

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