You might have missed part 1 of this series that I started earlier this year, if you go and have a look and you will see how much I am enjoying this personal project! The main concept behind this is to not only get my creative juices flowing but also to show how you don’t always need to (as much as I love them) find a field of flowers for a backdrop for a shoot – it can be as simple as a walk down your own street. I can find beauty and inspiration in everything!! Sometimes it is so much to do with the way you/your children dress for a shoot – it can create great portraits if an outfit is thought through. Have a look at my ‘What to Wear’ Pinterest board here for a few ideas. I hope you enjoy part 2! I really enjoyed this 1 on 1 time with my youngest. She was rewarded at the end by being allowed to take some pictures of me. Unfortunately these images are not fit for public view – shame! 😉

003_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_3826_FB002_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_3806_FB007_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_3910_FB006_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_3904_FB009_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_3924_FB011_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_3953_FB 001_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_3793_FB 013_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_3970_FB 016_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_4003_FB 017_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_4008_FB 018_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_4025_FB 020_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_4059_FB 022_family-photography-surrey-eddie-judd-photographer-one-street-part2-_4098_FB


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