Doesn’t quite feel like work when you scope out a nearby industrial estate for some cool backgrounds to use for a photo shoot and then use them to photograph your husband! Well it was!! Paul needed some new photographs, for his website and social media, with his new Canon C300 – Canon’s swanky new video only camera which still produces the beautiful look that has been possible with DSLR on video. You can read all about the camera on Paul’s blog here. Paul is primarily a television and corporate cameraman – he has produced some stunning looking videos for companies using our kit in the past – our beloved 5D Mark II’s (including the films in my lavender bridal styled shoots – seeĀ here), and although he has filmed some great footage for TV with the 5D’s – including Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals – it is exciting that the C300 overcomes some of the hurdles the 5D had and he is using it for beautiful TV footage more and more.

For Paul’s website with further details and videos about the work he does – click here

I love portraiture so this was a fun shoot for me and I was very pleased to find a few backdrops that were a bit more ‘urban’ – a mean feat in Surrey I’ll have you know!


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