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9:00am, 9:30, 10:10, 10.40, 4.20pm, 5:00pmsummer meadow mini sessions 2016

Remember the days of warmth and light!! Late night BBQ’s and kids running around the park without getting covered in mud?! Ok – things aren’t that bad and I wouldn’t grumble at a bit of snow but oh how I love a summer day! Here are some images from my Summer Mini Portrait Sessions set against the gorgeous backdrop of the wildflowers at The Medicine Gardens. We had so much fun on this day! I was so lucky to have families join me that I have photographed several times before as well as a new faces and, to my delight, two of my wedding couples with their brand new bundles of love!

You can learn more about how Mini Portrait Sessions work here and if you would like to be added to my email list to be the first to know about my spring sessions in the cherry blossom in April 2016 then comment here or ping me an email! I will be announcing these in the new year!

Now – to get maximum enjoyment from these images, stand next to a radiator, put the heating on MAX or direct a warm hairdryer into your face and you’ll be right back there! Honest!

4-summer-minis-medicine-gardens-cobham-surrey-Eddie-Judd-PhotographySummer Mini Portraits - Eddie JuddSummer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd002Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd003Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd004Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd006Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd007Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd008Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd009Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd010Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd011Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd012Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd013Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd014Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd015Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd016Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd017Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd018Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd019Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd021Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd022Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd024Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd026Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd027Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd028Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd030Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd031Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd033Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd034Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd035Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd036Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd037Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd038Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd039Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd040Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd041Summer-Mini-Portraits-Eddie-Judd042

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