I’ve been quiet on the blogging front but I am back with LOTS to share! And I have to start here – one of my mini sessions (although this was a double!) which took place in early spring when the first signs of colour were re-entering our landscapes. Always such a joyous time. And this session was a particularly joyous time as we have brought together four little boy cousins to get some pictures with each other, and with their proud grandparents. Family is so very important to me and I have a very happy heart when I can bring families together and record some fun times. I think though – I will have to leave you to read the words that were sent to me by Laura who organised bringing her family together for this shoot. I have photographed Laura and her son Alfie several times over the last three years and am very lucky to have forged such a strong and special friendship along the way. She shares my feelings on the importance of photographing your family and recording these precious memories…..her words here, that she wanted me to share for feedback, make my heart expand with pride and happiness. Thank you Laura……

“When it came to organising Alfie’s christening and first birthday party, I knew that Eddie had to be involved. We’d met a few months previously when I was launching Fetcham Park and having worked together a couple of times, I knew she’d capture the day brilliantly. Persuading my husband, Paul, that we needed a professional photographer was a different matter! He was worried that it would seem over-the-top and intrude on what was supposed to be a relaxed, family day. But that’s exactly why I knew Eddie would be perfect.

Eddie has a way of making everyone feel at ease; whether it’s a nervous bride, an emotional parent or my little boy. In fact, Alfie never stops smiling when he’s around her – he doesn’t even realise he’s having his photo taken! And that’s the whole point: as well as providing beautiful images, having your photo taken can be fun.

Without exception, the main fear that our couples have is that they’re nervous about being photographed. Yet every single one of them tells us afterwards that they never noticed their photographer on the day and when it’s time for their portraits, they actually enjoyed it.

And that’s the key to being a great wedding or family photographer: obviously technical ability is crucial but aside from that, it’s how they make you feel. Eddie has the knack of making everyone around her want to join in with her fun. She has an empathy that goes beyond professional skill; she is warm, genuine, funny and prepared to make ridiculous noises, just to entertain a crowd! Because of that she creates real magic in her photos.

Everyone that knows me knows that I’m obsessive about documenting Alfie’s life. And that doesn’t just mean taking far too many photos of him, it means creating a record of his whole life: the things he loves and more importantly, the people he loves.

The best gift I have ever given my family are photos of Alfie which is why this Christmas I wanted to give them the best gift of all: a session for all of us with Eddie.

Eddie, you have provided us all with something that I can’t put into words and today, of all days, it means so much.

And even if you can’t work with Eddie, just keep taking photos of your family: one day you’ll think you never took enough.

Thank you xXx”

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