You are probably visiting this page because I want to share with you how passionate I am about putting your family photo-shoots in albums. If you had a bespoke family shoot with me then I would have been capturing special moments between family members, and these moments can be built into forever memories when they are printed inside one of my beautiful family fine art albums.

To show you just how beautiful they are, and to remind you of the importance of getting your photographs printed I have included some images here of one of my linen covered fine art albums. I am hugely passionate about printing from any of my photoshoots – most of my family clients walk away with framed images, albums, prints as well as digital files. They realise how important this investment is – not only for them to enjoy, but for their children and hopefully their grandchildren in many years to come.

So I won’t harp on about how important it is to get your images into printed format in our digital age when DVD’s and maybe eventually USB sticks have a shelf life – remember Floppy discs??! – and I can only hope that backups are being made by everyone of their digital copies. It would be your worst nightmare to have a hard drive/computer crash and lose them right?

Ok maybe I did harp on a bit – maybe I am very passionate about this!  Can you tell ??? 😉

And if you haven’t got back up – then a great ‘cloud’ storage solution that I personally use is BackBlaze.  This  code will give you a free month’s access.  I know, I know – great advice and a freebie.  What more could you ask for?!

You can see more of my products by clicking here

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Linen Colours available 2016SIM-Imaging-covers-Linen-1

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